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Perfect Dining: Holiday Villa Phuket with Chef

If you have never enjoyed your own personal chef before, then a very special treat awaits you. Many of our past guests want to take our chefs home with them! Enjoy your Perfect Dining

Perfect Dining Information

Perfect DiningThe sheer pleasure of browsing through a restaurant style menu in the morning – telling the chef the dishes you fancy for the evening – and the time at which you would like to eat . After a strenuous day on the beach or snorkelling or sight seeing , you can come back to the villa, have a relaxing shower and change , perhaps an evening swim in your private pool , an aperitif , and then sit down to glorious Thai food like you have never experienced before.

And all this at the cost price of raw ingredients from the local markets . Now is the time to taste that superb lobster or marvellous crab or giant prawns at a very reasonable price, without having to pay restaurant prices – no wonder our guests want to take the chefs home with them ! If you like spicy – tell the chef. If you prefer non- spicy , tell the chef. Many of our guests are unable to decide, so they ask the chefs to cook a selection of dishes . This is very popular , as you get to taste glorious dishes that you would not normally dare order in a restaurant.

Obviously dinners can also be accompanied by fine wines, soft drinks, champagne or ice cold beers at supermarket or wholesale prices. It is just up to you to choose , and our attentive staff will do the rest.

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